ELEMANTRA: watchmaking creations with stories

Founded under the leadership of watchmaker-designer Loïc Hilaire, ELEMANTRA is a brand that goes beyond watch design. Its mission is to take all watch lovers and enthusiasts into a parallel dimension, where watches are part of history.

ELEMANTRA pays homage to the Lake Geneva region, to the natural elements that compose it, as well as to the life philosophy of its founder.  His favorite mantra:

I am free to express my creativity and bring it to life beyond my sketches.
Loic Hilaire
  • Exclusivity

    Each collection is made up of 108 pieces to preserve their uniqueness.

  • Sustainability

    Our pieces are designed with noble materials and made up of a minimum of components to minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Collaboration

    We work closely with our partners and allow the necessary time at each stage of development to guarantee high quality parts.

  • Passion

    Each creation is an expression of our dedication to the art of watchmaking and the ELEMANTRA adventure. This passion guides each of our decisions and pushes us to surpass ourselves to design unique pieces that you will never tire of!

Limited to 108 Pieces

In the tumultuous world of today, where everything seems standardized and uniform, we have chosen to march to a different beat.

By limiting each edition to only 108 pieces, we uphold a standard of authentic quality.

Every watch we create is a love letter to horology, engraved in noble materials and crafted with meticulous attention.

View our NOVA-H01 watch
Like the repetition of a mantra attracting prosperity and abundance, we shape each of our 108 pieces with elegance and quality.