Immerse yourself in a dimension where each creation is a piece of history.

The Birth of NOVA

In the 19th century, a group of scientists driven by the desire to unravel the mysteries of the universe embarked on the creation of a particle accelerator.

During their first experiment, the energy released by the collision was of such intensity that it gave birth to a star. Proud of their achievement, the scientists decided to name it NOVA.

Marius, the explorer

No one dares to approach it, except Marius, the youngest of the scientists.

Captivated by the light, Marius no longer answers for him and rushes into the unknown.

The Inheritance

Passed down from generation to generation, Loïc in turn receives the watch of his great-grandfather Marius and a diary filled with stories known except for a few details.

Having become a watchmaker-designer, Loïc decided to share Marius's stories, through his watchmaking creations, to all explorers at heart. By uniting his talent with the memory of his ancestor, Loïc created the first ELEMANTRA watch: the NOVA H-01.

Every ELEMANTRA timepiece is an invitation to escape.

The particularity of a watch is its ability to tell a story.
Loïc Hilaire

Who is Loïc?

Loïc Hilaire is a watchmaker-designer who graduated from the University of Technology and Mechanical Engineering of Franche-Comté and the International School of Design in Toulon.

He worked for several years for internationally renowned brands. Even though he really enjoyed these experiences, Loïc cannot bring himself to imagine designs in an office. He is on the move and his creativity has no limits. His most beautiful watchmaking creations take shape when he escapes from his daily life in Cully. A place he particularly likes to observe the natural elements bordering Lake Geneva.

You know the rest: he inherits his great-grandfather's watch and a diary filled with stories...

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